Survivor versus Fear Factor on Philippine TV?

It is a battle of reality tv here in the Philippines. GMA 7 has its Survivor Philippines and ABS-CBN coerced it with Fear Factor.

Yes, ABS-CBN got the franchise from Endemol Netherlands which also owned the phenomenal Big Brother franchise. Fear Factor is a game show that dares the guts and fears of each contestants competing for $50,000, that is in US. This is the reality show where contestants eat bugs, ALIVE and do unbelievable stunts that test strength, will-power and endurance of the contestants.

I heard Ryan Agoncillo will be hosting the show as ABS-CBN dropped him for Billy Joe Crawford as the host of the singing reality show, Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

I am just bothered about the Philippine version of Fear Factor. I remember years back that a politician protested a segment of a show with the same format, where contestants must eat worms and other disgusting stuffs. There is also MTRCB to regularly checks its content.

I hope Fear Factor Philippines will be as wild or even wilder as its other versions. What reality show will emerge as phenomenal, Survivor or Fear Factor? All we have to do is to wait. 

3 Responses

  1. hope they can pass through the regulations of MTRCB on the challenges (mostly disgusting) they want to show on TV…


  2. I just hope abscbn will meet the expectations of its viewers. Fear Factor is known for its dangerous stunts and disgusting dares. MTRCB sucks.

  3. well pag siniraan ng GMA…say joey de leon… ang fear factor at gatungan pa nga mga bayarang writers, im sure padadala naman ang ibang govt officials na walang ginagawa kundi maghanap ng issue na ikasisikat nila

    kapag english shows pwede ipalabas pero pag tagalog na hindi na pwede?

    goodluck to abs

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