Free Movies on the net

There are a lot of websites where you can watch videos. But a full length movie and tv series? Yes. You can watch your favorite movies, past movies you haven’t watched yet, rated R movies, or even movies currently playing  at the cinemas, on the net. And its absolutely free.

I was trying to find other sites aside from where I can watch a complete movie. Then I bump several sites offering free movies. Some are bluffs and some are a waste of time clicking. I am gald I can share some of my favorite sites. Remember, these are for free.

My favorite hang-out to watch a movie is on I already watched movies like Juno, Superhero Movie, Invincible Ironman, Meet the Spartans and Saw IV. This site has a wide variety of movies to choose from. And is my favorite because it also offers free-to-watch tv series such as Desperate Housewives, Band of Brothers, Heroes, Lost, One Tree Hill and other tv pleasures. This site is also featuring Asian movies, drama series and anime today. 

Another great site to watch free movies is I already watched movies here like Vantage Point, The Forbidden Kingdom and Jumper. Oh, and it has the currently released movie, Ironman. 

I think these sites have copyright issues. I am not sure if this is a form of piracy but I think it is. That is why some of the movies I watched are taken from a video cam. That is crappy. The quality of some are poor so I can say it is still better if you watch on dvds. Not pirated, huh. It is best if you buy original copies. And it is more enjoyable watching it on the big screen especially high-adrenaline and digitally mastered movies.

Original or not, this is the power of the internet. Just love to enjoy it.

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