Get paid to search

Try it and share what happens!

Try it and share what happens!

I have been looking for cash over the internet to capitalize on my dsl connection. And I bumped into this ad that says “EARN MONEY FOR SEARCHING  THE WEB” for FREE. WTF is this?! Another scam proliferating the big www?

However, after reading their whereabouts and FAQ sec, I got interested. All you have to do is to sign-up and use their search box and they will pay me. Sounds a scam, right? Well it is a free service anyway! They will pay through Paypal and Alertpay. There are no Mastercard or Visacard involved so I give it a go.


I chose to be paid through my Paypal account whenI reach the 20 euros as their minimum payout. Yes! That is in euros because the company is based in UK. Right now, I only have .33 euros on my account after 2 days of using their service. Probably, you can earn more and reach the minimum payout if you search all day.

As for me, I only search what I have to search like Lindsay lohan, American Idol, stocks and bonds, investments and some petty stuffs.  Just search the normal way like using other search engines out there.  But the catch here is you will get paid.

I am not totally saying that this is true nor I can get the real thing from this advertising scheme, folks. But it will not hurt you for trying.

Just try and click it for you to check and see.


And guys, please do share your experiences with this kind of earning. If this is for real. And yet, give information on ways to earn cash over the internet.