What I Miss about Highschool

When my friend asked me about the most memorable years of my life, highschool is one of them.  I miss my highschool. Every bit of it. I can still remember the excitement to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to come early to school for the flag ceremony. I can even smell the morning dews of the city while walking to school carrying my blue Adidas backpack full of books, notebooks and pens that I missed to put in my school locker. The guard who always remind me to wear my I.D. and the corridors of the school towards the classroom.

I still remember the lyrics of my alma mater hymn that we made fun all the time. We do change the lyrics and make fool out of it because we are forced to sing it. And now, I miss singing it with my buddies and classmates. How ironic!

It is crappy that I reminisce the happenings in my highschool. Yet it is funny to look back on our immaturities, the latest fad back then, crushes, our firsts and of course the barkada I have. I have listed here what I miss during those years that I cannot forget. Today, I find it cheesy and embarrasing in a way. But it ‘s still funny to think that I became corny at some point. Well, its life. Probably, you can also relate to it.

1. Signing autographs. I cannot remember how many times I signed autograpg books during those times. I experienced signing after the other. That’s crap. I only wrote there MTM, which means MANY TO MENTION.

2. TITANIC. Yes, the movie Titanic. It is the only movie I watched 5 times in the cinema. And man, I even watched it on SRO. It runs for months.

3. Nokia 5110 and 3210. These cellphones are big time. Mind you. And text messaging was a craze. No autoload back then so prepaid cards are golds.

4. It Might Be You. “Time, I’ve been passing time, watching trains go by, all of my life” are the most famous lines. I think I’m ready to puke. It is so cheesy. But i admit, it became my song to a girl. Its coming (PUKE)

5. Pimple Breakout. All the redness, ugliness, oiliness, dirtiness are in my face. That sucks. I tried all the medications my mother could find. Self-esteem? Very low. Its killing me. At last they’re history for me.

6. POrn! Porn! Porn! The very first time I watched an x-rated movie . It was supposed to be stimulating but hell no. That’s not what happened. I’m with my barkada. So it is a riot. And we all just laugh. I think the title of the movie was “Tarzan X”. Lolz. We shared cds of porn too.

7. First girlfriend. How can I forget my first ex? I didn’t even courted her. At least we were happy for five days.

8. Tambay at Inuman Sessions. Ginpomelo was famous back the so it was our favorite. We even tried drinking lambanog – bubblegum flavor.

9. JS PROM. How can you forget the JS Prom. The only night I can say that my classmates are pretty. Hahaha. Peace. I remember, I danced all night. I was never tired. It was the first time I wore a coat. So handsome.

10. Barkadang Malupit. We fourteen in the group. But we were never complete during gimicks, outings and parties. I wonder why. It was nice to feel that I belong to a group. And they are my my best buddies until today. Cheers guys.

No matter what happened to me in highschool, lows and highs, it was one of the best years of my life. If were given a chance to go back on those days, I will. And I will be wilder and smarter. I miss highschool. I wonder what happened to my classmates. Or how they looked like today.

Where to enter college?

Two months from now, you will be entering college, another chapter in life that needs to get serious (probably a little serious than highschool). Don’t worry. College life is not bland, hence it is exciting.

Probably, you are already firm with your chosen course. Whatever course you will take, you must choose the best school or university to go to. It is an edge for you when you apply for a job in the future if you finished a degree in a reputable and best university. Your chosen university is a stepping stone and the start of having a stable life financially.

In choosing the best university for you. Try to consider its affordability (well of course, its your parents money and you must spend it wisely), stability (the university is offering for decades and decades of excellent education and produced fine alumni), reputability (good image, and at least one of the best), and your heart.

Here are some of the best schools and unversities (in no particular order) in the Metro you can choose from. At least I can name four. Guaranteed. I hope it could help.

University of the Philippines (UP) established in 1908

Diliman, Manila or Los Baños (outside Metro Manila) is one of the best universities in the whole Philippines. In fact, it ranked number one as the the country’s best school according to the study done by PRC and CHED and 299th in the world. It produced many alumni including Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Benigno Aquino, Loren Legarda, Juan Flavier, Lino Brocka, Ishmael Bernal, Pia Guanio, Karen Davila, Yeng Guiao, Bejie Paras, Ronnie Magsanoc and a lot lot more. It is government-owned so the tuition is not that affordable. Quality is here, guys.

University of Santo Tomas (UST) established in 1611

The oldest university in Asia is UST and older than Harvard of the US. If we are to complete the title, UST is the pontifical and royal catholic university of the Philippines. Yeah that HEAVY!! But they do accept other religion too. And hey, they are already preparing for its 400th foundation, an event to look for. The campus is located in España, Manila. Being a tiger means being an achiever. So GO USTE!

Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) established in 1859

“Lux in Domino” (Light in the Lord) is its motto. The university boasts its greatest alumni, none other than the great Dr. Jose Rizal. Certainly, if you study here, rest assured that you are in great hands, and worthy of the big bucks you pay.

De La Salle University (DLSU) established in 1911

Facilities are at par from the rest? DLSU boasts of its new facilities to achieve its mission, “to become the leading research university in Southeast Asia”. If you want to go green, DLSU is for you.

No matter what school you choose, be proud of it. And it is not your school that will make you successful, but success depends on you. So make the best out of your college life and good luck.