Superfriends with a Filipina maid

I saw this clip a couple of years ago when I was training in a call center in Makati. It was hilarious. This is a skit of Rex Naverrete, a Filipino US-based stand-up comedian, from one of his shows abroad.

The skit revolves around the life of Maritess, a Filipina native hired to be a housekeeper to – – – ehem, the SUPERFRIENDS. Yes, SUPERFRIENDS, which includes Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Super Twins, Flash Aquaman, and no less than the “Man of Steel himself”… Superman.

The clip shows the different experiences Maritess had at the Hall of Justice which are really hilarious. She thinks that Batman is gay with Robin as his boyfriend. She thinks that Superman is always trying to peep at her with his x-ray vision. And, Maritess can’ eat her favorite fish because of Aquaman.

Here is the clip guys, hope you like it.